Cyber Defence – Securing Against the Insider Threat

Project4 Technologies Limited

18th July 2014, Coventry University Technology Park, Coventry, England

Project4 Technologies Limited has today announced it has been awarded a contract by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (Dstl) Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to develop a prototype Cyber Defence System.

The award, formalised in March 2014 follows Project4 Technologies successful application to CDE under its ‘Cyber Defence – Securing Against the Insider Threat’ competition that closed in January 2014.

In developing the technical proof of concept demonstrator two experts in cyber security – Dr Siraj Ahmed Shaikh and Dr Harsha Kalutarage – and Dr David Hughes, a psychologist, have been appointed by Project4 as consultants to support the development of the proof of concept simulator, and will play a key role in the development of an insider threat profiling system which allows users abusing credentials and engaging in suspicious activities to be detected over networks.

Following the development of their strategic partnership arrangement, Serious Games International Limited will support Project4 through the development of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) element of the system.

Matt Lewis Chief Executive Officer of Project4 Technologies said:

“This fascinating programme of work has once again allowed us to bring together subject professionals from a range of academic backgrounds to develop the concept for a cutting edge cyber detection system that is focused on those people who are prepared to damage their organisations from within, regardless if those organisations are concerned with Military or Commercial operations.

“I am confident that we are on track to deliver a system that is robust, deployable and adaptable to range of operating environments.”


Notes to Editors:

Project4 Technologies Ltd.

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In doing so Project4 allows its team of innovators to operate with a high degree of autonomy, unhampered by bureaucracy and focused on creativity. Working with its clients the company seeks to develop a superior level of trust, cooperation and communication that supports this approach.
Using these principles Project4 Technologies has delivered some truly exciting and cutting edge innovations that go well beyond their original concept.

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